Participate in the Peer Mountain Token Sale

Get 30% bonus PMTN the 1st round of our transparent, fair, and compliant TGE – sign up now to get on the whitelist!

The public token sale will start once the pre-sale PMTN tokens have been allocated. Stay tuned!

Tokens will be distributed to buyers after each round is completed. Tokens will only be transferable after the token sale closes.

Round Presale -1 Presale -2 Tier 1 Tier 2
User Type Priority first Priority first Public Public
ETH to raise: 10537 ETH 9513 ETH 9340 ETH 10274 ETH
PMTN per ETH: 3798.1 per ETH 3500.4 per ETH 3208.7 per ETH 2917 per ETH
Discount rate: 30% discount 20% discount 10% discount 0% discount
PMTNs distributed: 30,738,462 27,750,000 27,245,455 29,970,000
ETH funding goal 39665
PMTN price post token sale 2,917 per ETH
Total PMTN distributed (Round 5 full) 133,200,000
Total fixed amount of PMTN 333,000,000 (40% of total supply to be distributed during token sale)

Token Distribution

Chart pie
Legal Reserve

Use of Sale Proceeds

Chart pie
Corporate Development
Regulatory and Legal
Hard Cap: 39,665 ETH
PMTN Price: 2917 PMTN/ETH
PMTN sold: 40% of total supply
Token: ERC-20

During the Peer Mountain token sale, you will experience a number of important innovations: we are debuting our Smartcap algorithm to optimize the ICO and match tokens sold with demonstrated demand, and we have committed to the ICO Charter standardising EU token offerings.

Read the white paper to learn about SmartcapTM
User Type: Priority first
Start: June
ETH to raise: 10,537 ETH
PMTN per ETH 3798.1 per ETH
Discount rate 30% discount
PMTNs distributed: 30,738,462
User Type: Priority first
Start: Starts after Presale -1 is complete
ETH to raise: 9,513 ETH
PMTN per ETH 3500.4 per ETH
Discount rate 20% discount
PMTNs distributed: 27,750,000
User Type: Public
Start: Starts after Presale -2 is complete
ETH to raise: 9,340 ETH
PMTN per ETH 3208.7 per ETH
Discount rate 10% discount
PMTNs distributed: 27,245,455
User Type: Public
Start: Starts after Tier 1 is complete
ETH to raise: 10,274 ETH
PMTN per ETH 2917 per ETH
Discount rate 0% discount
PMTNs distributed: 29,970,000

We expect the Peer Mountain Smartcap sale to run for four to six rounds, with a pre-order phase of one week that will be open to any buyer that pre-registers. Smartcap details will be visible in the token sale smart contract. The Round 4 close figures presented above illustrate the values when four rounds would close to the token, and are for illustrative purposes only. Statistically, it is highly unlikely that these exact figures will be reached as the Smartcap will accommodate a partial final round, issuing tokens to buyers that participated in the final round at the price of the last complete round.

We intend to raise 39,488 ETH to build and deploy Peer Mountain into the world’s blockchain application standard for trustworthy commerce in any legally regulated environment. We encourage people holding BTC to use an exchange to convert it and participate in the sale.

Before you join, we want you to get to know us, and what we stand for. Our CEO has developed The TGE 2.0 Framework – a comprehensive guide to TGE due diligence to help you better evaluate Peer Mountain and all other crypto projects. We’ll be adding more to this essential reading list soon.