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Peer Mountain Influencer and Rainmaker Program

We’ve leveraged Primablock to allow you, and your community the opportunity to secure higher PMTN bonuses with access to our invite-only private sale.

Become an influencer and get access to our invite-only private sale

All it takes is 3 steps:

Join the program

After you join, we’ll send you all the information you need to succeed with your Primablock program.

Share your Primablock

Once you create your Primablock and choose your % comission on the pool, simply share it to your community and start pooling Ethereum.

Earn commission on PMTN

Your Primablock will get invite-only access to our private sale. This gives your community a minimum 20% bonus on their contribution.

What is Primablock?

Primablock is an easy and secure way for communities to pool Ethereum, giving everyone the opportunity to reach higher volume discounts.

Here’s how it works:

  • A community wants to participate in a token sale.
  • The leader of the community sets up a pool in PrimaBlock, and chooses their % commission.
  • The pool can use a whitelist so that only specific community members can contribute, or be left open for anyone to contribute.
  • Once enough ETH is collected, the pool’s funds can be sent to the token sale’s team.
  • Eventually, the tokens are generated and then sent back to the pool’s smart contract.
  • Once that happens, the pool administrator will need to confirm that the correct tokens were delivered to the contract.
  • Finally, everyone in the pool can claim their tokens.

Join our influencer program for details on setting up your own Primablock with Peer Mountain.


About Peer Mountain

Peer Mountain is making blockchain commerce a reality. Businesses can seamlessly transact data with self-sovereign identity (SSID) solutions to improve the security and efficiency of their commercial operations.

Patent-pending Peerchain™ technology encrypts and decentralizes data in all its states, providing businesses with automated regulatory data protection compliance and push-button auditing.

  • Automated onboarding increases operational efficiency
  • Swift, secure ID verification improves customer experience
  • Blockchain audit trail provides push-button auditing and instant regulatory data protection compliance
  • Decentralized data operations reduce risk of data breaches and hacking.

We’re the only decentralized identity and compliance ecosystem that puts people in control of their protected personal information, delivers instant cost effective risk reduction to businesses, and pays ID verifiers for their trustworthiness.


Frequently Asked Questions

All the answers to your questions

We have recently partnered with award winning ICO advisory TokenMarket, and together we have come to the conclusion that we would like to make some adjustments to our Token event. This will focus on better rewarding the community and contributors which will in turn improve the project. We are thus making these amendments and will update all very shortly via our channels.

Investment to date is from KYC3 and some of the advisors. All stakeholders are represented in the team/advisor pages on the site.

The mobile SDK and the Attestation Engine SDK will both be open sourced.

The whole system (code, crypto and deployment architecture) will be reviewed before putting the first production pliot in place with our Swiss partner.

Core team is complete. We’re always welcoming new community supporters on all our social channels!

The Peer Mountain website and mobile app will handle and protect ID data in accordance with data protection laws in effect.

Peer Mountain is using KYC3 for KYC verification.