Peer Mountain Proof of Care Program


Join our Proof of Care Program & earn a share of a prize pool worth up to 200 ETH in PMTN* – simply spend a couple of minutes spreading the word around Peer Mountain, then share us the link. *Depending on total tokens sold.

You are:

An extraordinary YouTuber, Telegrammer, Tweeter, Githubber, or channel moderator that is 100% behind decentralized trust, and willing to stake your reputation on it.

You get:

Tiered discounts of the PMT token sale based on the quality and reach of your contribution.

Show us your work and get extra tokens.

We need creators like you to get word out about Peer Mountain. That means writing blogs and reviews, publishing YouTube videos, or engaging your audience on social platforms about Peer Mountain.

Video Review: 2 Points
40 comment thread: 2 Points
Blog Article: 1 Point
Review: 2 Points

Tiered Reward Program for Creators

Earn your share of our Proof of Care Pool. Up to 200 ETH worth of PMTN will be awarded among all Proof of Care submissions (*depending on the number of tokens sold).

Tier PMTN Award Round Round Bonus
Tier 1 – Top 15% of Creators 30% Round 0 30%
Tier 2 – Top 16-30% of Creators, 25% Round 1 20%
Tier 3 – Top 31-50% of Creators 25% Round 1 10%
Tier 4 – Creators with at least 1 valid claim 20% Round 1 0%

Points are awarded based on the content: Blog = 1, original written ICO review = 2, original technical discussion = 2, original video review = 2, social thread ownership = 1 per 20 comments

Enter your email below to get whitelisted for the Proof of Care Program, and start submitting content.

Instructions for how to submit content for points will be sent in a follow-up email.